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Your contribution will allow us to influence our youth in countless positive ways. 

With your support we are able to cultivate their future, provide life skills, educate, and provide exposure that gives each the reality of options beyond their own expectations.

How your donation can Making a Difference . . .
Building H.I.S. Character
Fathers Mentoring Fathers
Your financial support will make a major impact in families throughout the community. We have provided Christmas, assisted fire victims, tornado relief efforts, and Senior Citizen Weatherization Projects.

We support organizations that serve the community, and with your help we are able to provide financial assistance and offer our services.
Fathers Adopting Families
Your contribution will assist with fathers that are ready to take responsible and reconnect with their estrange children.

With your help we will be able to provide professional advisors and counselors to intervene in the reconnection process
Fatherless children are more likely to become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of schools, and suffer from health and emotional problems.

Your support will help us change the perception of fathers and decrease the number of fatherless children in all communities.
Your support is greatly appreciated and will enrich the lives of others in countless ways. 
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